Conscious planning of outdoor lighting plays an important role in designing the home environment. There are endless possibilities and choices, and to navigate better in this field, we’ve put together a little overview. Here we present the simplest solutions that everyone can install themselves. However, if you need help creating a more complex and special lighting solution, our consultants will be happy to discuss your wishes and needs and offer suitable solutions.

LED strips enable creative lighting solutions and are modern and energy-efficient. The indispensable companion of LED strips is aluminum profiles. The possibilities for using aluminum profiles are endless, ranging from lighting kitchen cabinets to large building facade lighting solutions. Let’s talk more about different profiles.Photos: Lumines Lighting WHAT IS AN ALUMINUM PROFILE? Aluminum profiles for […]

Each luminaire is designed to operate in a specific environment under certain conditions. In order for the consumer to have an overview of the requirements that a particular luminaire meets, all luminaires have labels that include all important information about the luminaires and operating environment. Below we give an overview of what the labels on the luminaires are and what they actually mean.